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Powerplant Technologies Inc. is accredited with the following organizations listed below. Our experience and reputation for quality provide you with accurate engineering and top quality workmanship to ensure your equipment has long, efficient life.

ASME Accreditations:

PTI Logo
  • "A" Stamp- Assembly of Power Boilers
  • "S" Stamp- Manufacturer and Assembly of Power Boilers
  • "PP" Stamp- Fabrication and Assembly of Pressure Piping
  • "U" Stamp- Manufacture of Pressure Vessels
  • "H" Stamp- Heating Boilers

National Board Accreditations:NB Logo

  • "NB" Certificate of Authorization

    authorizing PTI to apply the "NB" mark and register boilers, pressure vessels, or other pressure retaining items with the National Board in accordance with its provisions. The scope of authorization is limited to items manufactured in accordance with ASME Stamp(s): A H S U PP

  • "R" Certificate of Authorization

    authorizing PTI to use the "R" SYMBOL in accordance with the provisions of the National Board. The scope of Authorization is limited as follows: metallic repairs and or alterations at the above location and extended for field repairs and /or alterations controlled by this location.

PTI has authorized trainers for:

OSHA Authorized Trainer

  • 10 Hour Construction Outreach
  • 30 Hour Construction Outreach
  • 10 Hour General Industry
  • 30 Hour General Industry

NCCCO (National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators) Trainer

  • Signal Person Trainer
  • Rigger Level One Trainer

Authorized Forklift Trainer

Safety Advisory Committee

L-I Logo

PTI has an active Safety Advisory Committee which is sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry